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From prevention to protection, PPIA provides a professional level of security personnel to meet your needs. We offer affordable and expandable security solutions for both commercial and government entities. And because customer satisfaction is integral to our success, we are committed to maintaining excellence through quality assurance and outstanding service.

Commercial Division

Protect your property and assets as well as the individuals residing or working on the premises. A uniformed armed or unarmed security officer can not only deter criminal acts, but also take appropriate action in an emergency situation.

  • Gated and/or private communities
  • Condos
  • Commercial complexes
  • High-rise buildings
  • Industrial (manufacturing)

Security Patrol Officers (SPO)

Increase your premise security with a uniformed SPO. Our officers are professionally trained to provide various public safety services such as directing traffic, responding to emergency calls or reporting security violations.

  • Vehicular patrols
  • Bike Patrol
  • Commercial Alarm Response

Government Division

Protect your government structure against fire, theft, vandalism, terrorism and crime. Depending on your specific security needs, we can provide a qualified team of security personnel to meet the requirements at hand.

  • Level 1 Security Officer (unarmed) entry level
  • Level 2 Security Officer (armed or unarmed) mid level with some law enforcement or military experience
  • Level 3 Security Officer (armed) 3 or more years of law enforcement, or 6 or more years of military experience, or bachelors’ degree in criminal justice related field.

Special Protection Services

Certain individuals require specialized personnel in order to ensure a safe environment for themselves and their families. Our officers are discrete, professional and highly-skilled, providing maximum security.

  • Executive or VIP protection
  • Security Emergency Response Team (natural disaster, etc.)
  • Cargo Escort
  • Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

Investigative Service

From personal family matters to business affairs and background checks, our team of investigative specialists can assist in the utmost professional, ethical and discreet manner.

  • Field Surveillance
  • Data Base Searches
  • Threat Assessments


Expand Your Authority

At PPIA, we take pride in providing one of the best training programs available. Our facility is licensed and insured, and our team of instructors have a combined experience of over 20 years as Security Field Agents in both public and private sector.


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